I have a Magento test shop for which I've created a new theme based on rwd. This shop uses a database that's been cloned from the production environment (Magento Everything works very well except this weird bug:

When I visit a product view page the package/theme gets reverted to base/default from rwd/myCustom.

If I go in Admin and edit the product I was looking at earlier and just hit "Save" or "Save and continue" even without making any change, then refresh the product page again, the correct theme appears (rwd/myCustom)

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I don't have many products (~50) so I could just manually go through them and "fix" them but I am more curious what causes this.

  • None of the products have a custom design set.
  • I've cleared cache, re-indexed a bunch of times so it's not that.
  • I've checked under Systems > Design and there's are no entries there.
  • I've tried a mass attribute update (Select All > Actions: Update Attributes > Change an attribute for all products > Save) but that doesn't seem to fix anything.
  • Logs (magento & apache) show nothing when accessing "bugged" product pages

Programatically loading and saving a product doesn't fix it.

  • as you are talking about the hitting save and it solves the issue, you still have indexing issues, although you reindexed seems still the tables were not indexed correctly.
    – Nickool
    Oct 20, 2016 at 22:59

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I just figured it out!


The old (production) site is running a package called oldtheme.
The new (development) site is running a theme called myCustom under the rwd package.

After digging through app/code/core/Mage/Core/Model/Design/Package.php and logging the designPackageExists function with Mage::log I've noticed that Magento was looking for an oldtheme package instead of rwd.

I did a search in the database and revealed that under catalog_product_entity_varchar there were a bunch of entries with the oldtheme/default value.
I tracked the entry's entity_type_id in the eav_attributes table and found that its corresponded to the custom_design attribute (even though non of the products had a custom design set for any of the store views).

The fix was removing the offending entries from catalog_product_entity_varchar.

  • Thanks, Alexandru it was an old theme in the value field of catalog_product_entity_varchar for attribute custom_design id ( 96 ), You need to remove this date from the table by UPDATE catalog_product_entity_varchar SET value=NULL WHERE attribute_id = 96 Aug 30, 2019 at 12:38

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