I have created a custom page in magento, from this I want to send coupon code to customer which are new and already registered both. For this I have created a custom form with all information I needed, on submit form I am calling a ajax and my custom module handle this request.

But How to identify there that it is new customer and How to create a new customer account in controller action?

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Try something like below:

$customer_email = '[email protected]';  // email adress that will pass by the questionaire 
    $customer_fname = 'test_firstname';      // we can set a tempory firstname here 
    $customer_lname = 'test_lastname';       // we can set a tempory lastname here 
    $passwordLength = 10;                    // the lenght of autogenerated password

    $customer = Mage::getModel('customer/customer');
    * Check if the email exist on the system.
    * If YES,  it will not create a user account. 

    if(!$customer->getId()) {
    try {

        // Send welcome email
        $storeId = $customer->getSendemailStoreId();
        $customer->sendNewAccountEmail('registered', '', $storeId);
        //Make a "login" of new customer

    catch (Exception $ex) {
       echo 'error';

use this code for check Customer Exist

$customer = Mage::getModel('customer/customer');

  "Customer Exist";

add add this this code https://www.onlinecode.org/customer-rgistration-programmatically-magento/

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