In order to ease future Magento upgrades, I am working to extract custom modules and put each in the its own tidy git repository.

However, many of these modules depend on Magento-agnostic code that lives in lib/. Since multiple modules depend on it, I can't very well hack together a composer.json and put the dependency in app/code/*/NameSpace/Module/vendor/.

Currently, my plan is to deploy the code using modman, but I could set up a firegento-style composer repository if that gives more flexibility.

What processes do you recommend for quick, reliable deployments? Thanks!

  • It looks like composer/installers includes the magento-library type!
    – mpw
    Jan 30, 2014 at 15:26

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I've been using Composer with the PSR-0 autoloader project lately. Works well for modern dependencies.


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