According to Magento 2 dev guide on importing product images, we should be able to add additional images to the column additional_images using full URLs.

However, when I created an import csv file with the following example:

sku, additional_images

ExistingProdSKU1, http://someexistingwebsite.com/existingimage.jpg

I got a validation error for Column names: "additional_images " are invalid. I did not have any issue with base_image, small_image, and thumbnail_image, though. Have there been any changes on how we can import additional images to existing products on the catalog? Note that I'm currently running Magento 2.1.2.

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It looks like there's an extra space after "additional_images " in your error. Try removing the space and uplaoding again.

If you're still getting the error, make sure you save your CSV as MS-DOS, and convert it to UTF-8.

Make sure your additional images to /pub/media/import and try adding the additional_images with just the image name in your CSV file, like /existingimage.jpg

  • face palms that was the issue. Thank you for spotting that.
    – frostshoxx
    Commented Oct 26, 2016 at 16:59

I would add that image file names mustn't contain spaces and brackets ()

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