I have multi website magento store and on one website I have to show the default registration form but on the other website I want to show different registration form on other website with many custom fields like the one shown in image below.

enter image description here

followed steps like in the answer but had no luck. Different registration forms on different websites

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    @TejabhagavanKollepara I already mentioned that link but that solution didn't work ....didn't have enough reputation to comment so thought of asking new question. – smarttechy Oct 18 '16 at 5:17
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You Have two website so follow this steps

1) go to system->config.->design , at your website level

2) create a new theme folder for your website in app/design/frontend

3) add exception theme for website and paste only your register.phtml file in that file other files will pickup from your regular theme.

For this you can set exeption theme for this website and put your register.phtml form on your different theme , this way you can solve this problem

  • please explain how to achieve this ......i'm new to the magento – smarttechy Oct 18 '16 at 5:15
  • please check updated answer – Murtuza Zabuawala Oct 18 '16 at 5:20
  • hey your answer helped but I have copied all files to new theme and set package in design as dropshipping (New created).and all options in themes as rwd (used in other website) but its not showing css . and i don't understand how to create a exception theme ? – smarttechy Oct 18 '16 at 6:35
  • for css you have to copy skin/frontend/ and copy css and js and image folder to your new theme , and for exception theme you can google it this term you will get good articles on this – Murtuza Zabuawala Oct 18 '16 at 6:40

Recently, I have developed the same thing for my client. And its a very lengthy process to add new attributes, display them in frontend and backend, save them on registration, make them editable on frontend and backend and implement validations. You can achieve it by following 3 steps:

  1. Add new attributes which you want to add in your registration forms. For this folow: http://excellencemagentoblog.com/blog/2011/10/02/customer-registration-fields-magento1-6/

    While adding attributes, keep in mind where you want to use those attributes. If you want to include it inside customer address, then it will be different attributes and need to be included inside customer_address not inside customer.

  2. Create separate .phtml files for each form. Include fields as required. You can create this files inside different child themes for different stores.

    After creating different .phtml files for form. You have to overwrite My account edit.phtml files. If you want to include those fields in checkout process then in thosse .phtlm files also.

  3. Create CMS pages for each form and select stores in which you want to display specific form.

if you want to show this form as separate CMS page then create CMS page from CMS menu > Pages & place the below code in it

{{block type="formbuilder/frontend_form" name="frontend_form" form_id="1" template="formbuilder/form.phtml"}}

(replace form_id with your form_id, see form_id from Admin panel > Form Builder menu > Manage Forms)

  • i used this in cms page and working fine .my basic requiremnet is to call a different registeration page for different website. So what i did is made a form using extension and added it in cms page now im'm calling that cms page in register.phtml and its showing the code you mentioned. – smarttechy Oct 18 '16 at 9:52
  • How to get form content in registration page? – smarttechy Oct 18 '16 at 9:52
  • $page = Mage::getModel('cms/page')->load('your_page','identifier'); echo $page->getContent(); put this code in your register.phtml file – lalit mohan Oct 18 '16 at 9:55
  • i used this and it is showing {{block type="formbuilder/frontend_form" name="frontend_form" form_id="1" template="formbuilder/form.phtml"}} in the page. – smarttechy Oct 18 '16 at 10:00

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