I use sample-module-payment-gateway to test a payment gateway in magento 2, as i find out the order status is set to processing.

My question is how can i set this to pending, when a new order is placed?

I found a lot of tutorials about Magento-1. But not for Magento-2.

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ok after a few hours of searching magento 2, I found an answer for this question.

public function setStatus($orderId="") {
    $orderModel = $this->_objectManager->create('\Magento\Sales\Model\Order'); 
    $order = $orderModel->load($orderId);
    $currentState = $order->getState();
    $currentStatus = $order->getStatus();

    $save = false;
    if ($currentState !== $orderModel::STATE_NEW) {
        $save = true;

    if ($currentStatus !== $orderModel::STATUS_FRAUD) {
        $save = true;

    if ($save) { $order->save(); }

This will set the payment sate to new and set the status to Pending.

can also use other status like

const STATE_PENDING_PAYMENT = 'pending_payment';

const STATE_PROCESSING = 'processing';

const STATE_COMPLETE = 'complete';

const STATE_CLOSED = 'closed';

const STATE_CANCELED = 'canceled';

const STATE_HOLDED = 'holded';

const STATE_PAYMENT_REVIEW = 'payment_review';

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