I set up a daily (for testing) recurring profile, with a free trial period of 3 days, using the following settings:

enter image description here

Then I test (my store is connected to PayPal in sandbox mode) as a user, add the product to my cart, my total is $0 as expected, with daily subscription fully described, but when I click "Proceed to Checkout", the cart page refreshes with a red error box above my cart items that says, "Payment profile is invalid: Trial billing amount is wrong." Am I setting something wrong?


You cannot create a free trial by setting "Trial Billing Amount" to 0. 0 is not allows for that setting, and causes the error message mentioned.

I don't yet know how to create a free trial period with native magento (without paying for some 3rd party extension). One person tried a coupon code, but that discount continued to be applied for all recurring billings.


Remove the trial billing frequency and the cycles from the form and save it.

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