We want to add proceed to checkout button

on product detail page.

We will show this checkout button when cart have items

otherwise we will remove this.

See this : http://www.awesomescreenshot.com/image/1702035/4335f469aee99eb7375a9fdeb7d2f22e


Got Solutions:

<div class="cart-section" data-bind="scope: 'minicart_content'" >
 <!-- ko if: getCartParam('summary_count') -->
 <a href="<?php echo $this->getUrl('checkout/cart'); ?>" class="checkout-btn"><?php echo __('Checkout'); ?></a>
 <!-- /ko -->

scope: 'minicart_content' will provide all scope values
that is why <!-- ko if: getCartParam('summary_count') --> is working

  • We just need to define scope & then we will be able to use binding any where in magento 2 Oct 12 '16 at 9:29
> <script type="text/javascript">
>     require(['jquery', 
>             'yourjs'], function ($) {
>         (function () {
>         //write your code here 
>         })(jQuery);
>     }); </script>

you can use your require js parameters in yourjs try this :)

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