I have quote id I want to update price , base_row_total & other prices related field in quote should i want to set price only rest field should automatically update is this possible or i am thinking wrong . please help thanks in advance

I am using the below Code but its shores only sku,name,store_id,i checked default magento cart Api its storing all vales in quote Table i want to do the same but its not working for me:

 $product = $this->product->get($this->sku);

        $quoteItem = $this->quoteItemFactory->create();


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Yes. You can changes price of all items of a quote.


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Looking at quote_item table, you have the price column in that table. If you have an object of $quoteItem, you could set the price directly:


Also here is another answer from @AmitBera, how to update a quote item:

Magento 2 : Updating quote item

$item = $quote->getItemById($item->getId());
if (!$item) {
$item->setQty((double) $qty);

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