I'm very new to Magento and am trying to figure out/setup a search API for the products in our catalog for an external site.

How do I enable the API in Magento to be able to call GET /api/rest/products?q=hat, which would return all hats in our list of products?

Another example, GET /api/rest/products?q=shoes, which would return all shoes in our list of products.


The problem is that magento's api has no search methods.

You can try searching products using filters:

$filters = array(
    'name' => array('like'=>'zol%')

$products = $proxy->call($sessionId, 'product.list', array($filters));

There are some extensions but they are not free. For example this one.

But you also can extend magento api by your own. This manual could help you.

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