In a shared hosting environment, I want to setup a multi site with both sites pointing to the same domain under different folders, i.e. mydomain.com and mydomain.com/ws2.

I have followed this tutorial.

Unfortunately I can't create a VirtualHost because I don't have access to Apache configuration file. The hosting support has told me that I can use a functionality called Parked Domains, but that doesn't accept folders under the same domain.

Are there any other ways?


Sometimes there is what's called "Secondary Domains" which actually create a virtual host record form the shared hosting account's control panel. This is how Nexess shared Magento hosting works. If you're host doesn't support real virtual hosts, I would find a new hosting provider or get a second account for the second site, assuming they aren't running on the same base.

Edit: One thing else to consider... An actual virtual host is required to have an SSL setup on both domains. It's not possible with anything else because each one requires a dedicated IP for SSL negotiation.

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