I am working on magento 2.1 extension in which i have to show popup on all pages. I have write a code for popup which is showing on only one page but i want to apply that code on all pages.

  • add your layout xml file code for more information . – Suresh Chikani Oct 10 '16 at 12:32

go to your module file add this code in your default.xml you file path will be Vendor/Modulename/view/frontend/layout/default.xml

<referenceContainer name="after.body.start">
            <block class="Magento\Framework\View\Element\Template" name="afterbody"  template="Vendor_Modulename::youfile.phtml"/>
  • Can I show a template to all pages without using a module or does it only work with a module? – Black Jun 1 '18 at 10:14
  • @Black yes you can use theme default.xml – Qaisar Satti Jun 1 '18 at 10:28
  • there is no theme called "default.xml". Oh I noticed that the question is about Magento 2, I still use 1.8 though. – Black Jun 1 '18 at 10:32
  • @Black i am asking you about create layout file in your theme – Qaisar Satti Jun 1 '18 at 10:33
  • I already created a custom layout file called alert.xml. Maybe if you have time you can take a look here, I just created a question – Black Jun 1 '18 at 10:36

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