How can I perform the same logic of filter_condition_callback of Magento 1 in Magento 2

I have a country column which I save comma separated values in db I have managed to create the filter but I am not able to get the result the values are stored comma separated.

How can I apply filter_condition_callback to get the result.


You can do it same as magento1, inside grid.php file,

You can reference for used of filter_conditions_callback from core file,


Now set inside grid.php file

class Grid{
      //logic for class...
                        'header' => __('Position'),
                        'name' => 'position',
                        'type' => 'number',                
                        'index' => 'position',               
                        'filter_condition_callback' => [$this, 'filterCustom']

        public function filterCustom($collection, $column)
                //here you can set your conditions using find_in_set mysql condtions
                return $this;
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  • How do I apply it in ui-component grid ? – Priyank Nov 15 '16 at 11:35
  • @Priyank did you figure it out? how to add condition filter to ui-component grid? – karthi keyan May 14 '18 at 9:00

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