Currently I understand the system of templates as follows:

[depends layouts]    (page_layout)
layout               (page_layout)
magento default.xml  (page_configuration)
my theme default.xml (page_configuration)
module file super-module-file.xml (page_configuration)
↓ = merge.

I have a 2 layout: narrow_page and wide_page. I want to change block "header-wrapper" depending of the layout. But currently default.xml (in magento/theme) overrides this block. I can not use my default.xml because next time this file apply for both layouts.

How I can solve this problem?


I temporarily solved a problem by overriding the default.xml. This is not recommended, but I feel so comfortable.

Alternative, you can use "move" for wrapping the container. For example:


<container name="footer-container" htmlTag="footer" htmlClass="footer"/>

<move element="footer" destination="footer-container"/>

default.xml: (the destruction of the old container)

<referenceContainer name="footer" htmlTag="" htmlClass=""></referenceContainer>

In result:

<footer class="footer">
    [old footer - don't visible]
    [/old footer]

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