I am trying to do some small modifications on the Magento 2's review and payment page - to change the image, and some wordings, as circled in the image.

What are the Magento files to modify in order to get the job done? I used the path hints, but these paths are not shown.

Thank you!

enter image description here

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To change payment method title you don't need to modify any files, you just need to set needing title in the PayPal Express Checkout configuration:

Go to Admin -> Stores -> Configuration -> Sales -> Payment Methods -> PayPal Express Checkout and expand Basic Setting - PayPal Express Checkout configuration section. enter image description here

After saving new configuration you need to clear cache.

The image URL depends on configuration, the current URL is specified in the \Magento\PayPal\Model\Config::getPaymentMarkImageUrl method. You can extend config, override this method and specify new config via di.xml.

But current payment icon corresponds to PayPal guidelines.


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