I work on Magento 2.1.

I have one website, store and store view. I understand that if in future client needs to add another language to store he will add just a store view. Am I correct?

Now, I have to save some values in core_config_data. What is the best way to save them, to not disturb adding stores/store views/websites in future (especially store view is interesting for me) in future?

Now when I track saving values in adminhtml - they are saved in Default config and in db in column scope they get default and in column scope_id they get 0. Is this correct policy to leave it like that?

I use method saveConfig from \Magento\Framework\App\Config\ConfigResource\ConfigInterface,

like this:

$this->config->saveConfig('path/to/field', 1, ScopeConfigInterface::SCOPE_TYPE_DEFAULT, $this->provideAdminStoreId());

Is that correct way?

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you current way is best to adding the values for core config.

$this->config->saveConfig('path/to/field', 1, ScopeConfigInterface::SCOPE_TYPE_DEFAULT, $this->provideAdminStoreId());

yes it is correct way leave it like that.

it all depend on how you retrieve data. You have to add scope check in retrieving data.

\Magento\Framework\App\Config\ScopeConfigInterface $scopeConfig


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