This is involved. When I reindex all products but newly created products show up in catalog_product_index_price table (i'm mentioning this one given it does include cataloginventory_stock_status_idx and all other index tables). New products are showing in cataloginventory_stock_status_idx but the stock status is set to 1 (all other products that are working have a stock status of 0).

1. What is the cataloginventory stock status value suppose to tell me?

There are no errors when I reindex any of the indexes. Also if i try something like:


On the category related to these newly created bundle products it returns 0. This is related because the actual, getProductCount(), function is pulling from an index collection. I don't totally think its the indexing given that the catalog is indexed correctly. It seems like it is happening to new products only.

2. Conceptually, what could cause a BUNDLE product from being indexed? What Should I look for?

Would greatly appreciate Short, sweet and to-the-point responses.

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Issue was caused my missing Price type attribute, not sure why though. There was no link in the catalog_product_entity_int for the product and attribute. I created a shell script (placed in /shell directory) that

1. Found all active bundle products that did not have a price type

2. Foreach through the collection and ->setPRiceType(0) and saved products

After so, reindexed everything and all was good. New bundles actually DID have the attr set. This issue was from older bundles.

  • Is anyone else having this issue? I just updated to from and I had to manually change the existing bundles from price_type = NULL to price_type = 0. New bundles work fine. It's the existing bundles that disappear from the category list view due to not having entries in the table catalog_category_product_index (due to attribute price_type=NULL in catalog_product_entity_int -- I don't know why and frustratingly I can't find the code change responsible for it)
    – Malachy
    Sep 20, 2017 at 16:01
  • The same issue I am facing in Enterprise edition. Hopefully, this will help. Feb 7, 2019 at 15:31

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