Magento version - Community Edition 2.1.1

Machine - AWS EC2

OS - Ubuntu - 14.04

Php - 5.6

MySql - 5.6

Theme - Default Luma

I have installed magento 2 without sample data. Everything is working smoothly but I could not see any blocks under this tab.

Admin Login -> Content -> Blocks

It shows ' We could not found any records'

Is this the expected behaviour ? How can I add default blocks?

I have already explored this https://community.magento.com/t5/Theming-Layout-Design-Questions/No-default-Content-Elements-Blocks-listed-in-admin-backend-e-g/m-p/41872#M598 , but this is not exactly I am looking for.

Even my database cms-block table is empty.

I am new to magento2 and really stuck here. Any help is really appreciated.

  • If you installed without sample data then there will not be any CMS blocks until you decide to create some. – Aaron Allen Oct 3 '16 at 23:34
  • @Aaron What about the Luma theme blocks. Can I somehow use luma's block? – Yogesh Yadav Oct 4 '16 at 0:11
  • there are no blocks on the luma theme unless you install the sample data. you can just create a new block yourself or install the sample data. with the sample data you you will get the following blocks on the homepage: magento.stackexchange.com/questions/104749/… – Blitzo Sep 7 '17 at 5:31

Yes this is expected behaviour.

Your blocks may depend on your theme.

For example if you purchase theme you may see more blocks.

Go ahead and create a block. This block can be imported using widgets in your pages(Home page for example) or even block inside another block.



Magento without sample will not have default data.

So you should create cms block/pages for that or install a theme that will auto create default data for you.

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