I have a .shop domain and adding email address in the backend (user info) i get the following errors:

  • ... is not a valid hostname for email address
  • ... appears to be a DNS hostname but cannot match TLD against known list
  • ... appears to be a local network name but local network names are not allowed

exactly the same issue as described here: https://github.com/magento/magento2/issues/4547

Is there a way to turn-off the email validation in magento 2.1?


open SSH and run the command find . -name Hostname.php inside the root directory

you will get 4 location of files


Open the file at this location ./vendor/magento/zendframework1/library/Zend/Validate/Hostname.php

and add your desired new tld as per the below image.

enter image description here

Once you edit the file you can check other 3 files also get the code updated in them. now you can save the new tlds.

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