Can anyone know what is the difference between use of




There is not a huge difference. When calling save directly from the product object, that function also calls $product->getResource()->save($product).

However, both the product model and product resource model can have beforeSave() and afterSave() events. So when you call $product->getResource()->save($product), you end up skipping the beforeSave/afterSave events that exist within the main product model and only those that exist within the resource model are called.

The main difference between the two, is that when calling $product->save(), it calls Mage_Catalog_Model_Product::_beforeSave() which contains this logic:

 * Check product options and type options and save them, too
protected function _beforeSave()


    $hasOptions         = false;
    $hasRequiredOptions = false;

     * $this->_canAffectOptions - set by type instance only
     * $this->getCanSaveCustomOptions() - set either in controller when "Custom Options" ajax tab is loaded,
     * or in type instance as well
    $this->canAffectOptions($this->_canAffectOptions && $this->getCanSaveCustomOptions());
    if ($this->getCanSaveCustomOptions()) {
        $options = $this->getProductOptions();
        if (is_array($options)) {
            foreach ($this->getProductOptions() as $option) {
                if ((!isset($option['is_delete'])) || $option['is_delete'] != '1') {
                    $hasOptions = true;
            foreach ($this->getOptionInstance()->getOptions() as $option) {
                if ($option['is_require'] == '1') {
                    $hasRequiredOptions = true;

After this runs, the same $this->getResource()->save($this) is called.

  • in my custom extention when i use $product->save(); it give me error and when i use other its works fine. – Jigs Parmar Oct 3 '16 at 3:42
  • what's the error? and in your custom extension, is your product of the class Mage_Catalog_Model_Product or is it using your custom class? – Shawn Abramson Oct 3 '16 at 3:43
  • i create product programatically with use of my custom extension. when i change its qty and save product it gives error. so what is the main diffrent between those two method? – Jigs Parmar Oct 3 '16 at 3:45
  • You need to tell me the exact error you are getting. Otherwise, it could be a million different things. – Shawn Abramson Oct 3 '16 at 3:46
  • can you give me exact diffrent between those two? – Jigs Parmar Oct 3 '16 at 3:46

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