I have did all the steps from this tutorial and it works well for updating custom fields in quote table.

In my case, I need to add custom fields to quote_address and (later) in customer_address_entity tables.

I've created a plugin for: <type name="Magento\Checkout\Model\ShippingInformationManagement">.

What I've got so far:


public function beforeSaveAddressInformation(
    ShippingInformationManagement $subject,
    ShippingInformationInterface $addressInformation
) {
    $this->logger->log(\Psr\Log\LogLevel::DEBUG, 'INDEXIS');

    $extAttributes = $addressInformation->getExtensionAttributes();

    $number = $extAttributes->getNumber();
    $complement = $extAttributes->getComplement();
    $district = $extAttributes->getDistrict();
    $area_code = $extAttributes->getAreaCode();
    $this->logger->log(\Psr\Log\LogLevel::DEBUG, "number: " . $number);
    $this->logger->log(\Psr\Log\LogLevel::DEBUG, "complement: " . $complement);
    $this->logger->log(\Psr\Log\LogLevel::DEBUG, "district:" . $district);
    $this->logger->log(\Psr\Log\LogLevel::DEBUG, "area_code:" . $area_code);

    $quote = $this->quoteRepository->getActive($cartId);


It logs the values in debug.log file but won't update the fields in my database.

I know that my mistake is trying to set my custom fields in $this->quoteRepository. So my question is: What object should I use to set my custom fields in quote_address table?

There will more questions related to this topic, but only after this one is solved.

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For address save, you need to assign value into address object. Here is an example:

Here delivery_date is a new custom column of quote_address table

$billingAddress = $addressInformation->getBillingAddress();
$billingAddress->setDeliveryDate('2016-09-30 12:22:00');

If you need to assign shipping address too, then you need to do it the same way. Basically magento uses two rows for addresses, in quote/order; One address for billing and one for shipping.

$shippingAddress = $addressInformation->getShippingAddress();
$shippingAddress->setDeliveryDate('2016-09-30 12:22:00');
  • Awesome. I've set both addresses. Now, how can I show my custom data in payment screen? And how can I use the same form in payment screen (when the user unchecks "My billing and shipping address are the same") Sep 30, 2016 at 15:18
  • It is saving in quote_address table but not showing in checkout shipping address Jun 27, 2019 at 11:55
  • sadly, you almost need to make modification in every spot Jun 7, 2020 at 10:05

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