I am testing my extension code against the PSR2 and Zend standards. However, the two standards conflict. I found a problem which I fixed for Zend, which then showed as an error in PSR2. If I fix it for PSR2 it will show as error for Zend. Which is the preferred standard for Magento 2?

Zend Error:: Opening brace should be on a new line

PSR2 Error:: Whitespace found at end of line

The same goes for _:

PSR2 ::Property name "$_productLoader" should not be prefixed with an underscore to indicate visibility

Zend ::underscore to indicate visibility Protected member variable "productLoader" must contain a leading underscore

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Magento 2 follows PSR2 (Source), I found some pieces in the core code are still breaking the rules set by PSR2 but I suppose that's mostly older legacy code which has not been refactored yet. Custom code written today, however, should always be written following the PSR1 and PSR2 guidelines.


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