I'm trying to import around 5k products using Magento's native import. Unfortunately, I can't use third-party tools otherwise I would, I imagine this would simplify the process significantly.

My issue is, I'm trying to import a .csv from a wholesaler who has included a lot of extra information within the CSV I would like to provide potential customers. For example:

  • Multiple quantities say a pack of 5, pack of 10, pack of 15. I would like this to be a drop-down on my actual site for a user to select before adding to the basket - there doesn't seem to be a csv header for this.
  • Manufacturer, allowing me to group products by their respective manufacturer.
  • Other custom attributes that I could show under a "details" tab (Like the warranty, expected battery life, screen size) - these would not be applicable to all products, but relevant.

I've tried to look at this for reference, as well as this but I can't seem to get my head around it.

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