Alan Storm's tutorial and official Magento (I am interested in v1.9, not v2.0) tutorials on this look very difficult and obscure to me. Considering I have actually learned and went through Symfony, Moodle, Wordpress tutorials without any problems (I am an experienced programmer), I am probably learning Magento the wrong way, because it's terribly difficult to digest. What is some of the advice on how to learn Layouts and Blocks of Magento, the right way?

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Everything from Alan Storm is probably the best technical writing around Magento 1 that you can get.

Did you read his "No Frills Magento Layout" book or just blog posts? The book is covering exactly that topic (layout/blocks/templates), while the blog posts are more vertical (i.e. covering one single aspect in high technical detail) and not so much "getting started" material.

In general, I found books to be helpful at the beginning. You can find a curated list of Magento resources, including books, at https://github.com/aleron75/mageres

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