As sometimes my 2,5 yr old production site will redirect for unknown reasons to the install page I would like to know where the install script is located in the Magento folder. This way I can delete it for avoiding security breaches. Thanks everybody!


Make sure you delete or rename install.php in your root.

Also make sure there's a valid installation date in your app/etc/local.xml and that the file is readable. This is used by the Mage class to check if it was installed.


What version are you using?

Typically you will be redirected to the install page if app/etc/local.xml is not found.

See Mage::isInstalled()

 * Retrieve application installation flag
 * @param string|array $options
 * @return bool
public static function isInstalled($options = array())
    if (self::$_isInstalled === null) {

        if (is_string($options)) {
            $options = array('etc_dir' => $options);
        $etcDir = self::getRoot() . DS . 'etc';
        if (!empty($options['etc_dir'])) {
            $etcDir = $options['etc_dir'];
        $localConfigFile = $etcDir . DS . 'local.xml';

        self::$_isInstalled = false;

        if (is_readable($localConfigFile)) {
            $localConfig = simplexml_load_file($localConfigFile);
            if (($date = $localConfig->global->install->date) && strtotime($date)) {
                self::$_isInstalled = true;
    return self::$_isInstalled;

If it's determined it's not installed, you will be redirected to .com/index.php/install

header('Location:' . self::getUrl('install'));

Which is where the Mage_Install module takes over.

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