I am making a online payment method, which is taking previous cart details if Full page cache is enabled. How can we make it non cache-able? I want to make my HTML content non - cache-able.


You have to use cacheable="false" for your perticular section or block.


<block class="Magento\Captcha\Block\Captcha" name="captcha" cacheable="false"></block>

You can get more info from core modules of magento.

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Short answer: you can't.

Long answer:

Using cacheable="false" will make the entire page that contains this block not cacheable. So you don't disable cache for one block. You can find more references below:

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You have to add with your block in layout file


For Exanple

<block class="Magento\Checkout\Block\Registration" name="checkout.registration" template="registration.phtml" cacheable="false"/>
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