I want to translate all core modules in Magento 2 without touching the vendor folder and without translating all modules in one CSV file as suggested in this answer

I want to translate each single module in one related CSV file, like:


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It seems like for language packs you cannot create separate CSV files per module anymore (which makes sense given that translations are not scoped by module anymore, see: How does translation scope work in Magento 2?)

From the documentation:

  • Language packages that contain a entire dictionary in one directory.

    You can distribute this language package as a standalone component (similar to modules and themes). Interestingly, it violates Magento’s modularity principles on purpose; that is, so that a system integrator can translations variations provided by extensions.

(highlight added)

Since language packs are the only way to provide core translations for a composer based installation, I don't see any way to do it differently.

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