I want to add a few admin settings to the Catalog/Manage Categories screen, I've grepped various directories but most of the site is accessed by FTP, where is the XML file that controls the options on this screen?


Each tab under the category section of the admin normally relates to a attribute group. So if you have a custom attribute that you want to show up you should be able to add this to the correct group via an install script.

Here is the basics for a set-up script:

$installer = Mage::getResourceModel('catalog/setup','catalog_setup');

//Add group to entity & all attribute sets
        'label' => 'Your New attribute',
        'group' => 'Group name here'


The groups by default are General Information, Display Settings and Custom Design.

The database tables that these are stored in are:

eav_attribute_group - all the groups
eav_attribute_set - all the attribute sets (each group needs a set)
eav_entity_type - this is the entity in your case category (default I think the id is 9)
eav_attribute - the attribute itself

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