I have created an attribute variants and added it in an attribute set. It is created to be used for configurable products.After creating a configurable product with this attribute set, the attribute variantsis displayed in product details page as dropdown. But the base image is not changed when any value from the dropdown is selected. I gave the labels for the images too. But its not changing.

Is there any other thing that I have to do in order to change the base image when the dropdown value is selected in configurale products? Somebody help me.

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By Default this is not feature provided by magento until you use swatch system in magento , But for this purpose Our Moderator @Marius Has created a very good extension that you can use.


after installing this extension just go to

System->Configuration-> Catalog->Easylife Switcher -> Switch product images change this setting as per your requirement.

And also enable that extension


If you enable default swatch image functionality in the admin (system->catalog->configurable swatches->enabled->yes) and assign different base images to each of simple associated products (for example T-shirts of different colors), these images will change when variation is chosen.

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