I am new to magento.I am using version 1.9. I want to display filter and category section above listed product of the category in small resolution.

But in my case its occurring vice versa.I am unable to find file from which it has been called.

These are line of code that is appearing in inspect element. I want to exchange the div's position i-e- first i want to have this "col-sm-6 col-sm-pull-18 em-col-left em-sidebar" and then the other one. I'm doing a maintenance task so i dont know from which file the main div's are coming.

Can someone tell me how to do it?

//if you want to change order of div use this in media query

 <div class="maindiv">
    <div class="div1">
        <span>some text 1</span>
    <div class="div2">
        <span>some text 2</span>
    <div class="div3">
        <span>some text 3</span>

 .maindiv{display: flex;flex-flow:column;}


some text 3
some text 1
some text 2
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  • thanks for the reply.i have tried it,it does changes the order but responsiveness of page gets disturbed.Its magento default behavior that it first displays products and then the filters.What i want to do is first display the filters then the products. – Susan.thomas Sep 26 '16 at 3:53

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