I'm trying to install Magento 2.1.1 on unix server but when it does system check I keep on getting following error message and application will not install.

Your PHP Version is 5.6.22, but always_populate_raw_post_data = 0. $HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA is deprecated from PHP 5.6 onwards and will be removed in PHP 7.0. This will stop the installer from running. Please open your php.ini file and set always_populate_raw_post_data to -1. If you need more help please call your hosting provider.

After using:


I get:

Configuration File (php.ini) Path /opt/alt/php56/etc

Loaded Configuration File /home/some9753/public_html/php.ini

Scan this dir for additional .ini files /opt/alt/php56/link/conf

Additional .ini files parsed /opt/alt/php56/link/conf/alt_php.ini

I don't have access to the directories /opt/alt/php56/etc, apart from that in the php info file always_populate_raw_post_data is set to -1 for Local Value as well as Master Value.

The Loaded Configuration File php.ini was created by myself and and placed in public_html folder. It contains:

always_populate_raw_post_data = -1;

But it is not solving problem. I don't know how the installer is coming up with always_populate_raw_post_data = 0 when it is not set to that value anywhere. Any suggestion as to what I should do to solve problem? All help will be greatly appreciated.

  • So do you check the info showing when using phpinfo(); is that always_populate_raw_post_data = -1 ? Sep 22, 2016 at 4:49
  • Ye, it is always_populate_raw_post_data = -1
    – raydona
    Sep 22, 2016 at 14:34

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If you are changing always_populate_raw_post_data you will need to restart the server for it to take effect.


When faced this problem I did the following steps do as described

  1. Set the php version of the system to the latest one.
  2. Open php.ini file & enable the php_intl.dll by removing the coma before the name.
  3. Restarted the sever.

It starts working!


You can edit a file in Ubuntu not having direct permission using command line editor sudo nano /etc/php/5.6/apache2/php.ini

It will open a editor and you can fetch always_populate_raw_post_data = 0; and change it to always_populate_raw_post_data = -1;

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