I am currently developing a custom Magento extension (Magento CE 1.7) that will use the Magento observers, to send data back to a custom ERP solution when certain events are triggered.

However, this ERP solution also uses the Magento SOAP API to update information back to the website (two-way syncing system).

My question is, in my Magento Observer, how can I tell if the following events are being triggered by the Magento SOAP API calls from the ERP versus user interaction in the frontend/backend of the website?

Events I would like to check if being called via API:

  • sales_order_save_after
  • catalog_product_save_comit_after

I have searched all of the SO boards and seen several similar questions, however none of them appear to have been answered.

Thank you ahead of time!


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I ended up going this way;


class My_Module_Model_Observer {

    protected $apiCall;

    public function __construct()
        $request = Mage::app()->getFrontController()->getRequest();

        $this->apiCall = false;
        if (
            stripos($request->getRequestUri(), '/api/')
        ) {
            $this->apiCall = true;

And then check for if ($this->apiCall) {} in my method.

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