I am trying to set nginx load balance I have planned like Load Balance Nginx + Two Magento Instance + one database, after some search around that topics I have some doubts.

As per this answer, it is stated like

You can end up with big issues because of different extensions or when saving different config values

As per this blog, the approach was each magento instance have separate database. But I feel it seems to hard sync files and db in all three instance.

Please suggest how to achieve nginx load balance without degrade performance.

Info: easy for your reference

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To archive what you want you needs to follow a simple rule: you application should not use local resources.

In case of Magento it mostly about filesystem resources.

So you need:

  • use redis for sessions and caches.
  • use distributed fs or nfs for media folder.
  • Thanks for point me right direction. I completed load balancer task with two magento instance + one database with included your suggestion too (redis session and cache + shared nfs media folder). Oct 6, 2016 at 13:32

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