In Magento 1 we define the getOrderPlaceRedirectUrl in the model which extends Mage_Payment_Model_Method_Abstract and redirect to a particular controller after checkout submit.

Then from the controller we call $this->getResponse()->setBody($this->getLayout()->createBlock('someblock')->toHtml()) and inside the block we create a form with post data and redirect to a 3rd party payment gateway.

In Magento 2 I heard that getOrderPlaceRedirectUrl is not available and I'm unable to understand how it is handled.

Can someone please guide me to achieve the above scenario in Magento 2.1?

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You need to override the placeOrder function in your method-render JS function.

    'use strict';

    return Component.extend({
        defaults: {
            template: 'Yuansfer_Yuansfer/payment/form'
        getCode: function () {
            return 'yuansfer_alipay';
        isActive: function () {
            return true;
        getMediaUrl: function () {
            return mediaUrl;
        placeOrder: function (data, event) {
            if(event) {

            var self = this,
                emailValidationResult = customer.isLoggedIn(),
                loginFormSelector = 'form[data-role=email-with-possible-login]';

            if (!customer.isLoggedIn()) {
                emailValidationResult = Boolean($(loginFormSelector + ' input[name=username]').valid());

            if (emailValidationResult && this.validate() && additionalValidators.validate()) {

                var setPaymentInfo = setPaymentInformationAction(this.messageContainer, self.getData());
                    $.when(setPaymentInfo).fail(function () {
                    return true;
            return false;
        selectPaymentMethod: function () {
            return true;
        afterPlaceOrder: function () {

The key is here afterPlaceOrder function. You should redirect to your save action here.

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