When I do export of products to csv all 'additional_attributes' are in one column.

This is not comfortable to read for client or content manager via MsExcel for example. Need that all the custom attributes were in separate columns.

Any ideas how to implement this feature or how to make this manually?

Maybe somewhere exist a free or paid module with required functionality?

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This may not have been around when you asked this question almost 3 years ago, but, yes, there is a free extension that claims to do what you need: BSS Custom Product Attribute Export.

It states that you can select which attributes to "break out" into their own separate columns in the exported CSV file.

(Here is a link to the extension on Magento Marketplace.)


Magento 2 admin includes enhanced export functionality. You can export products to CSV with any related attributes you have. You can also filter products by some attributes before export. If you are looking for more flexible export tools or need to export them selectively, you can look for some at www.magentocommerce.com for example magento manager

  • Thanks and seems like you didn't get the problem I describe in question. :) I don't need to filter or exclude attributes from csv, I need to make 'additional_attributes' (custom attributes) readable in csv.
    – white-imp
    Sep 14, 2016 at 13:57

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