I'm attempting to build a custom package and theme using the Magento guide at: magento.com/sites/default/files/MagentoDesignGuide.pdf

One of the fundamental points it makes at the beginning is that if any of the files are missing, Magento will always fall back to the default files.

I made a new package folder named newpackage against app/design/frontend and the same against skin/frontend and added "default" as sub-directories (also added template, layout, css, js etc. to relevant folders as advised):

So this is all I have, a few empty folders ready to play with. When I changed the Current Package Name against my store view, it seems to have broken the theme:

Could anybody please let me know why my package isn't falling back to the default files when it realises that the templates/css etc. is missing? As this looks nothing like it did before I enabled this package. Thank you so much for your time.

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What I know for design fall back is that .

1) it will check files and folder in your yourpackage/yourtheme.

2) after that it will check in yourpackage/default

3) and at last base/default .

This how its work if you add and exception then it will check in that exception case

Other than this no other theme will call and also not that default/default theme or rwd/default theme is not call by default.

Hope this will help you understand how design fallback works

  • You are always welcome :) Commented Sep 13, 2016 at 8:14

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