Mage: 1.9.2 mysql: 5.6.28 php: 5.6.25

I have local copy of magento 1.9.2 in FAP dir, have database imported and connected via etc/local.xml

In mamp pro-4: added host FAP & pointed directory to FAP dir (magento root). in core_config_data I have http://fap/ in secure/base_url as well as unsecure/base_url.

When I open host in browser it loads http://fap:8888 however js or css are not loading and when I add /admin to a url I get:

Not Found The requested URL /admin was not found on this server.

I'm guessing problem is in core_config_data settings, but I've tried pretty much everything.

Any help would be appreciated.

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For some reason .htaccess file in magento root directory didnt get zipped during the installation transfer.

After adding an original .htaccess file all works well.

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