I am running a Magento 2 website on my mac locally.

My problem is that I'm having problems with my mac setup ad i'm not about to run:

php bin/magento setup:upgrade

from my terminal.

My question is...I there's any other way to do the same as: php bin/magento setup:upgrade or php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy without using the Terminal?

  • is it throws any error while run setup command? Sep 9 '16 at 4:18
  • Check for PHP path & give inputs regarding error message
    – Jackson
    Sep 9 '16 at 6:31
  • Do you use MAMP?
    – KAndy
    Sep 9 '16 at 7:26

Looks like you install a custom version of PHP in your local environment (MAMP?). In this case, you need use full path to PHP executable to run Magento cli.

For example for MAMP I use /Applications/MAMP/bin/php/php7.0.10/bin/php bin/magento


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