I need to get the top menu html is cron job and need to save it in the db. I used the the same functionalities as in the core to get the top menu in my cron job function. But the problem is I need to top menu for each store.

Below is the core function specifying the menu

$this->_menu = new Varien_Data_Tree_Node(array(), 'root', new Varien_Data_Tree());

Is there a way to set the particular store and the respective topmenu html?

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Yes, you can use environment emulation of the specified store

$appEmulation = Mage::getSingleton('core/app_emulation');

//Start environment emulation of the specified store
$initialEnvironmentInfo = $appEmulation->startEnvironmentEmulation($storeId);

 * Any code thrown here will be executed as we are currently running that store
 * with applied locale, design and similar

//Stop environment emulation and restore original store

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