How can I edit this:

public function getUrlPath($category)
    if (in_array($category->getParentId(), [Category::ROOT_CATEGORY_ID, Category::TREE_ROOT_ID])) {
        return '';
    $path = $category->getUrlPath();
    if ($path !== null && !$category->dataHasChangedFor('url_key') && !$category->dataHasChangedFor('parent_id')) {
        return $path;
    $path = $category->getUrlKey();
    if ($path === false) {
        return $category->getUrlPath();
    if ($this->isNeedToGenerateUrlPathForParent($category)) {
        $parentPath = $this->getUrlPath(
            $this->categoryRepository->get($category->getParentId(), $category->getStoreId())
        $path = $parentPath === '' ? $path : $parentPath . '/' . $path;
    return $path;

such that, the parent category is removed from the child categories' url.

For example:





We can configure it by URL Rewrites

  1. Go to Magento 2 Admin -> Marketing -> SEO & Search -> URL Rewrites

  2. Find the path by searching Request path column.

  3. Remove the cache php bin/magento cache:clean.

  4. Refresh the front-end, click the main menu category then you can see the configured path.

Example i have modified.

Request path men/tops-men/tees-men.htm

Modified path tees-men.htm


You Can Build category URL path by


Modify getUrlPath($category) by Magento Plug-in feature.

Hope this helps.

  • what do you mean by "Modify getUrlPath($category) by Magento Plug-in feature."?
    – user9839
    Feb 1 '17 at 12:30

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