I am trying to install an extension using magento connect but facing some issue.

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Can anybody let me know what files & folders permission we need to set before starting any magento extension installation from magento connect in magento 1.9.

Thanks in advance.

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For Installing extension from magento connect your downloader folder should have write permission because magento stores extension there and after that process start for installing , so please give write permission to downloader folder you will get this folder in magento root

Hope this will help you


This error is pop up because your downloader folder have not writable permission, Go to Magento home directory and just give permissions for your webroot.

chmod 777  -R downloader/*

Hope this will help.

  • any downside to granting it 777? instead of just read/write?
    – sam yi
    Commented Mar 29, 2017 at 19:12

If you get the error like above, please goto Download extension method.


It's not safe to use Magento connect for installing extension , click this link for more information.

in the worst case, if you want immediate solution , Alternatively you can install the extension through FTP (like FileZilla). You can paste the extension key in this unofficial link and you can download the extension files. Let me know if you find any problems in this.

Note : As this is unofficial 3rd party site, there is no guarantee about security. but i tested many extensions, i did't faced any security problems....


Upon trying all kinds of suggestions I narrowed this problem to one factor.
Using a setup suggested for a Magento folder is most likely set to permissions '0750' or '0755', but none of these would work for me.
Setting the permissions to '0775' seem to allow the group to install the modules where needed.
[-rwxrwxr-x for those using Nautilus]

Setting the permissions to '0775' seem to allow the group to install the modules where needed. The second 7 gives group 'Write' access.

Seems this is only slightly better than having the directories wide open at '0777' that would allow anyone access. I have not tried '0774' (removes 'other' Execute) or '0755' but this might getting Apache2 Group ownership to work without 'Write' access.

On my system I have (running as Fcgi) SuExec at work for www-data and/or the same as the owner=group (owner:owner). Virtualmin/Webmin is particular about this, and the Virtualmin LAMP-stack is not the same as my Ubuntu LAMP-stack (or generic Linux LAMP-stack).

So the easiest way so far is to change directory to your Magento folder (directory) and the run:
find . -type d -exec chmod 775 {} \;
for the entire folder and then redo folders /media and /var to
find . -type d -exec chmod 777 {} \;.
Another way if you know your Perm's are set to '0750' could be;
find . -type d ! -perm 0750 -exec chmod 775 {} \;
where the -perm 0750 finds the existing permissions and -exec chmod 775 changes them.

Magento connect does not seem to care is the files stay at '0644' so I did not do;
find . -type f -exec chmod 644 {} \;,
but if you have not already you might want to take this step. Mine are already that way!

Perhaps a script would be nice, but the various Directory structures change for OS to OS, so If I did one it would only be for my own?

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