This is my redirect function:

public function redirectCustom(Varien_Event_Observer $o)

This is my xml:


My xml is fine, it gets to my function. But it simply ignores my redirect to my custom url. After login it redirects me always to my account page and i want to redirect my user to a custom page. What's wrong with my redirect function. Any ideas ?


Have you changed these

enter image description here

Try the below code for redirection

if( !Mage::getSingleton( 'customer/session' )->isLoggedIn() )

in Magento _redirect is function for page redirection. Apply your custom page url instead of using abc.

  • This field is set to NO. I tried your code, but it not works :( . Any other idea ? – Attila Naghi Sep 6 '16 at 10:13

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