I want to customize Role Resources module tree that is showing when we add/edit a role. I found some files that are responsible for this :

  1. For Front End(admin) : app/design/adminhtml/default/default/template/permissions/rolesedit.php

  2. For Backend(Functionality) : (Check this one) app/code/core/Mage/Adminhtml/Mage/Block/Permissions/Tab/Rolesedit.php

Please let me know what I can do, I need to hide some modules from this tree.

  • Following may help you to up to some extent demacmedia.com/magento-commerce/restrict-admin-roles-in-magento – Mukesh Sep 6 '16 at 10:16
  • @Muk, Thanks, But I already checked this. Not working for me. I Done this via just hide some modules permanently from xml files. – Yogita Sep 6 '16 at 11:31
  • Do you mean to say you disabled some of the modules? – Mukesh Sep 6 '16 at 11:58
  • @Muk, Yes, Now they will not display anywhere in my admin panel. – Yogita Sep 6 '16 at 12:08

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