I mapped sales_flat_order table of magento 1.9 to sales_order table of magento 2 and push the csv from mysqlworkbench. and orders was migrated in the database. The orders are even displaying in the frontend.

The products and customer data migration was done before this. Is there any problem in this migration... Anyone have gone through the same order migration process ?


I think we should map some more tables:

Magento 1                     || Magento 2
sales_flat_order                 sales_order
sales_flat_order_address         sales_order_address
sales_flat_order_grid            sales_order_grid
sales_flat_order_item            sales_order_item
sales_flat_order_payment         sales_order_payment
sales_flat_order_status_history  sales_order_status_history

If we had the invoices and shipments, we need to map more tables.

Note: when we want to clear the order from Magento 2, we can use this module.


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