I have cretaed a cms page https://example.com/page_url in magento admin.

I want to create a rewriteRule in .htaccess file to rewrite cms page by custom url like https://example.com/custom_url.

For this I have created a rule as :

RewriteRule ^custom_url /page_url [P]

It is working on http server but not on https server.

What is the correct rule for rewrite page_url to custom_url?

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you can create url rewrite rules in the backend for this.
Go to Catalog->URL Rewrite management.
Add a new custom url rewrite, where the target it page_url, source is custom_url. Fill in a random id path and select a store id.

  • Hello @Marius, I have tried it, but it is not working for me and https://example.com/page_url also gives 404 error after that. Sep 5, 2016 at 12:06

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