I'm using magento 2.0.7 with custom theme and I get the following issue in all mails.But it is properly working in luma theme.

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You can follow any one of logic

Logic 1).

@import 'source/_theme.less';

remove or comment out @import _theme.less line from email related less file

because we are working for our theme and adding pseudo elements/class that giving error. after remove this line you will get mail without clip text.


Logic 2).

In _theme.less don't add any pseudo elements/class so when less/css compile happen for email.css. you will get proper css, so you will get mail without clip text.


I was experiencing this issue and it was driving me crazy but I finally figured out what was causing it. I sent an email to an @mailinator.com email address and changed the view mode to 'Show Original' so I could see all the data being passed.

It turns out, all the css from _theme.less was being compiled into email.css. If you're like me and put your entire website's styling into _theme.less then your emails contain all that styling as well.

By overriding app/design/frontend/vendor-name/theme-name/web/css/email.less and removing the _theme.less @import I was able to get the file size back down and see emails without clipping!

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