How can I get the is_filterable attribute property in the filter template (template/catalog/layer/filter.phtml). Preferably without loading the attribute again.

$this->getisFilterable() is not working.

    mysql> select * from catalog_eav_attribute where attribute_id=92\G
*************************** 1. row ***************************
                 attribute_id: 92
      frontend_input_renderer: NULL
                    is_global: 1
                   is_visible: 1
                is_searchable: 1
                is_filterable: 2
                is_comparable: 1
          is_visible_on_front: 0
     is_html_allowed_on_front: 0
      is_used_for_price_rules: 0
      is_filterable_in_search: 0
      used_in_product_listing: 0
             used_for_sort_by: 0
              is_configurable: 1
                     apply_to: simple
is_visible_in_advanced_search: 1
                     position: 0
           is_wysiwyg_enabled: 0
      is_used_for_promo_rules: 0
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

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At template/catalog/layer/filter.phtml, you can attribute data by using below getAttributeModel():

 $AttributeModel = $this->getAttributeModel();
 echo '<pre>';

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