I put a Magento ( site live for a week and took around 30 orders, which I can view in reports. Unfortunately, I had to revert to the client's previous site when some issues came up.

I now need to provide the client with accurate sales and profit margin reports for the 7 days I had the site up. The problem is, some of the product pricing (for the wholesale/cost figures) wasn't correct at the time so the reports I produce don't have the correct figures for margin and profit.

Is there any way I can force Magento to use the current (and correct) product pricing rather than some of the incorrect product pricing at the time the transactions went through?

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see first Is it possible to update order item price and order total after order is place

As per as, my thought price change after order place is not an identical idea for an order. bcoz of depends on lot of function magento order price is calculated.

If you want to change product price after order place then it become too ricky

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