am attempting to use the built-in Magento contact form. I have enabled the contact forum in the configuration as well as set all email addresses. I have login enabled. When I use the form it redirects and states that the email has been sent successfully. No errors are present in log files. The php_mail.log shows the emails being sent. A cron job is set up and enabled. I can't figure out why I am not receiving emails from the contact form? Any help is appreciated. Magento 1.9.2.


Try with default email sending by php code on that same email id and check its working or not. It may be issue of that email id or may be the server issue. If its a server issue then you can use SMTP to send email.


I had this same issue: No errors, Success pop up message. but i'd never receive the email...

In my case, i forgot to configure the SMTPPro module in Magento Admin Painel:
System -> Configuration -> Aschroder Extensions -> SMTP Pro -> General Config.

Custom SMTP
port 587

If you don't use this module, this info might be useful too:



Do you have tried with default php code to send email ? If not then please try it out first and check the mail are sending or not. It may be issue of the e-mail id or the server issue. The alternate option is, You can use SMTP to send emails on magento. There are several free SMTP extensions available in the market. You can download and install it.

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