In Magento 1 it was possible to conditionally add class to body tag through layout. It could be done with addBodyClass action with an additional condition in the ifconfig. For example:

<reference name="root">
    <action method="addBodyClass" ifconfig="yoursection/yourgroup/yourfield_value"><className>big-font</className></action>

Without any additional conditions, in Magento 2 a class can be added like this:

    <attribute name="class" value="big-font" />

Is there any way to add similar condition in Magento 2?

This of course does not work, ifconfig is ignored:

    <attribute name="class" value="big-font" ifconfig="yoursection/yourgroup/yourfield_value" />

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Unfortunately, as of Magento 2.1, the <attribute> tag does not allow the ifconfig attribute. It only supports two attributes : name and value you can find out from lib/internal/Magento/Framework/View/Layout/etc/body.xsd :

<xs:complexType name="bodyAttributeType">
        <xs:extension base="xs:string">
            <xs:attribute type="xs:string" name="name" use="optional"/>
            <xs:attribute type="xs:string" name="value" use="optional"/>

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